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Essays on World History

Edgar Allan Poe Biography
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... After the passing of his parents, Poe was taken in by John Allan, a prosperous merchant from Richmond, Virginia, at the urging of his wife, Frances Allan. Poe was never legally adopted by the Allan's, but they did try to supply him with a good home and education. Poe grew up in Richmond, Virginia, where his foster parents lived. When he was six years old, he was taken to England with the Allan family and placed in the Manor House School, a private school conducted by a conductor just like the one in " William Wilson, " one of Poe's short stories. Poe returned to the United States in 1820 where he continued to be taught in private schools. In 1826, Poe entered ...

Colonial Impact On The Indian
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... industries. Subsistence farmers, organized in small village communities carried on agricultural operations in India. “Landlords were not landowners; they only had the right or privilege to collect taxes from the peasants” (Rothermund, page 1). A village was more or less a self-sufficient economic unit and its business contacts with the outside world were limited to payment of land revenue (generally in kind) and the purchase of a few necessary things from the town nearby. The farmer raised only those crops, which he needed for his own use and shared the same with the village artisan who supplied him with simple manufactures that he needed for ...

Comparison Of Martin Luther King Jr And Malcom X
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... to racial segregation, a man of the name of Malcom X dreamed of a separate nation. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the conscience of his generation. A Southerner, a black man, he gazed upon the great wall of segregation and saw that the power of love could bring it down. From the pain and exhaustion of his fight to free all people from the bondage of separation and injustice, he wrung his eloquent statement of what America could be. (Ansboro, pg.1) An American clergyman and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, he was one of the principle leaders of the American Civil Rights Movement and a prominent advocate of nonviolent protest. King's challenges to segregation and racial di ...

The Lost Generation
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... of Europe were contemplating the thought of war and forming alliances. Many people thought that if they went to war, it would be over and done with before they knew it. The people who said this were the lucky ones; they didn't have to fight in it. The kids who did fight in it didn't know what to expect. They were taken from their sheltered homes and thrown into unimaginable chaos. World War I should never have been fought. It was because of a royal family feud that caused millions of deaths. How would one feel if one saw their best friend blown up right before their very own eyes? These kids saw their comrades choke to death because of the fatal mustard gas. They ...

Who Was To Blame For The Cold War?
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... strengthen Russian influence, was perceived to be a threat to the Americans. Stalin was highly effective in his goal to gain territory, with victories in Poland, Romania, and Finland. To the western world, this success looked as if it were the beginning of serious Russian aggressions. The western view of the time saw Stalin as doing one of two things: either continuing the expansionist policies of the tsars that preceded him, or worse, spreading communism across the world now that his “one-state” notion had been fulfilled. It also must be mentioned that Stalin is seen as wanting “unchalleged personal power and a rebuilt Russia strong enough to withstand ‘caplit ...

Assessment Of Economic Progres
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... 3) Growth of Service Industry 4) Improvement in Quality of Life (including social, environmental, and economic variables) 5) Growth of Trade and Foreign Investment 6) Improvement in Technology and Infrastructure Note that in comparison to other Southeast Asian countries (except Singapore), Thailand has a relatively better performance in agriculture and service industries during the mid and late 80s. For example, the cultivation, processing, and export of agricultural products, especially rice, was traditionally the mainstay of the Thai economy. Although Thailand has long been among the most prosperous of the Asian nations, its ...

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... In the early 1700’s, Frenchman Colbert stated that, "no commerce in the world produces as many advantages as that of the slave trade"(Williams, 144). The inhumane practice of began in the American colonies in 1619. Although Africans first came to the New World around 1501, the early colonists did not think to use them as slave labor. Instead, they imported poor, white indentured servants from Europe to clear forests and cultivate fields. It was the English colonists that incited the idea of using Black slaves. They could be caught easily because of their color and they could be bought and kept until they died. "Negroes, from a pagan land and without exposur ...

British Society
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... Eliot. In his novel, Felix Holt the Radical, Eliot (nee Mary Anne Evans) describes graphically the conflict and battle between these two groups. In the novel, Eliot portrayed as having two types of people, the oppressors, who were the landowners who had the ability to vote and serve in government and then there the oppressed, who are the back breaking workers. The factory workers and miners (the oppressed) were denied basic human rights and their opinion and beliefs were discarded as being useless. These workers wanted change and reform, however they did not speak out against their masters or government because of fear of retaliation by the oppressors, of p ...

The Salem Witch Trials
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... has had Exemples of their Existence and Operation; and that no only the Wigwams of Indians, where the pagan Powaws often raise their masters, in the shapes of Bears and Snakes and Fires, but the House of Christians, where our God has had his constant Worship, have undergone the Annoyance of Evil spirits. Go tell the world, What Prays can do beyond all Devils and Witches, and What it is that these Monsters love to do; and through the Demons in the Audience of several standers-by threatned much disgrace to thy Author, if he let thee come abroad, yet venture That, and in this way seek a just Revenge on Them for the Disturbance they have given to such as have called on ...

Grant Hill
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... interested in the sport of basketball. He played at the playground with his friends and soon was able to be on a team. 3. After playing on the AAU team, Grant entered South Lakes High School. He was looking forward to playing on the freshmen team with his boyhood friends. 4. Grant soon decided to try out for the varsity team. As a freshman he played power forward and was averaging 14 points and 7 rebounds per game. At a fourteen -and- under national tournament in Seattle Washington where he ranked most valuable player. 5. The Sea Hawks (Grant's team) depended on Grant this last ten seconds. The captain of the team Jerome Scot said, "get the ball to Gran ...

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