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Essays on American History

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... for the day ahead, or perhaps with satisfaction and acceptance of self. His jutting lower lip, raspy voice and short back and sides haircut have similarities with the protagonist in the movie Forest Gump, but that is where the similarities end. Despite Karlís horrific background, a sense of right and wrong and of justice still seem to pervade. Billy Bob Thornton doesnít so much act but more so becomes Karl Childers. Karl, at the age of twelve murdered his mother and her lover, the local bully, with a sling blade in a fit of evangelical rage. In the first scene we come into contact with Karl. A soothing sythesiser plays slow haunting music to set the tone. W ...

"Clay Beats Liston: February 25, 1964"
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... scene. I primarily noticed that almost all the papers used reports from the Associated Press and the United Press International, even the (Louisville) Courier-Journal, one of Clay's hometown newspapers, used reports from the Associated Press. The only articles that were not written by a member of the Associated Press were the very rare editorials written about the fight. The use of reports from the AP and the UPI shows that most newspapers did not think the fight was very newsworthy. Only one newspaper published an article that was not written by a member of the Associated Press or the United Press International, however that one article was an editorial ...

Egyptian Art Statue From Metropolitn Museum
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... probably the skin color used for his whole body. Black paint is also visible on the lower portion of Memi's hair, especially along the tips closest to his shoulders. All other paint on the statue seems to have deteriorated over the years. The hieroglyphs along the bottom of the stone slab label this work of historical art with representations of birds and plants. The representation of nature in Egyptian artwork is very common during the Old Kingdom time period. The overall statue remains fairly intact suffering from only one major handicap, which is the loss of its original color. This pair statue subtly deviates from the conventional representations of husband ...

Harry Truman And The Atomic Bomb
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... He regarded the atomic bomb as a weapon -- an awesome one, to be sure -- but still a weapon to be used. Rooseveltís view, apparently, had been the same. According to Stimson, who had been responsible to the President for the Manhattan Project since 1941, there was never any question in Rooseveltís mind but the bomb would be used when ready. On Trumanís orders, the B-29 Enola Gay piloted by U.S. Army Force Col. Paul W. Tibbets dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. The date was August 6, 1945. Tibbets had named the plane after his mother the night before the attack. The Bomb was named Little Boy (Dark Blue in picture), exploded approximatel ...

Articles Of Confederation
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... could be started from. For one thing, any amendment of the Articles required a unanimous vote throughout the colonies. Since this was almost impossible, there always being two sides to everything [a pro and a con], changing the Articles to eliminate the ideas that did not function properly was near impossible. Another factor of the Articles' ineffectiveness was that Congress was in essence tied in its authority. After the war, the colonists trusted no ultimate authority; not even one they designed. It could not regulate commerce, so what resulted was thirteen colonies with different taxations and tariff laws. This only added to the already present feelin ...

The Watergate Scandal
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... Committee to Re-Elect the President (CREEP) were arrested breaking into the Democratic National Committee's headquarters in the Watergate Hotel. (Watergate Scandal 1) Immediately following their arrest many observers thought that these employees of CREEP were breaking into the Democratic National Committee's headquarters for the first time. In fact CREEP employees had broken into the Democratic National Committee's headquarters six times between August 21, 1971 and June 17, 1972. During their sixth break-in on June 17, they were caught. (Secret Agenda) At approximately 2:30 in the morning on this date, they were caught by police in the Watergate Hotel. Police s ...

Psycho Film Review
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... television show. He (Hitchcock) did this to save both time and money. The acting in this movie was well done, but my opinion is that some of Marion's expressions and the appearence that something is wrong were just too aparent. The movie is mainly about a girl who decides to take a little money, gets killed, and her family and friends try to find out what actually happened to her. That is not the only way the plot goes, though. After the introduction of Norman, we realize that something is wrong inside his head. This develops through the end where we find out what is really wrong with him. This isn't really a side plot, just a developing issue. This i ...

The Fall Of South Vietnam Controversy
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... should have followed a strategy of surprise and massed strength at decisive points against North Vietnam to help the South Vietnamese government win the war. The government, in its pronouncements, spoke of success and light at the end of the tunnel, but continued to dispatch additional troops while casualties mounted steadily (Dougan and Fulghum 127). The Johnson administration had never expected to become engaged in a protracted ground war on such a scale, and even when the involvement deepened it attempted to keep the war limited, a war without full mobilization of the home front and without a hated enemy (Veninga and Wilmer 18). President Johnson is said to h ...

Duke Ellington
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... the age of seven or eight and appeared to not have that much lasting effect upon him. It seemed as if young Duke was more inclined to baseball at a young age. Duke got his first job selling peanuts at Washington Senator's baseball games. This was the first time Duke was placed as a "performer" for a crowd and had to first get over his stage fright. At the age of fourteen, Duke began sneaking into Frank Holliday's poolroom. His experiences from the poolroom taught him to appreciate the value in mixing with a wide range of people. As Duke's piano lessons faded into the past, Duke began to show a flare for the artistic. Duke attended Armstrong Manual Training Schoo ...

The Shining
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... of the central themes of the film which is : how a fragile family unit is besieged by unusual forces both natural and supernatural which breaks and possesses and unites with the morally challenged father while the mother and the child through their innocence, love, and honesty triumph over these forces. One motif which reappears in the film is the power of nature, especially in relation to the individual. In fact, the film begins with a majestic shot of the Rocky Mountains showing its beauty and height. The beauty of nature and even friendliness of nature changes as the film develops. As the movie progresses the snow still seems white and pure, almost virgi ...

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