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Essays on American History

Higher Learning
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... attitude. Disproving the common theory that the world was flat, Columbus revolutionized society's outlook on their contemporary lifestyle. Singleton uses this revolutionary figure to signify that universities and other such institutions can also be used as avenues for a global mindset change, by learning. Another symbol used throughout the film is the act of running. Malik is portrayed throughout the film as running, signifying a progression from a typical gangbanger to an educated athlete. Conversely, periods throughout the film where Malik is off the track team or not running, Singleton digresses Maliks' education and reverts the character back to a hoodlum. ...

Between The Wars: 1919-1941
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... the dominance of internationalist sentiment. In 1919, the United States Congress voted against signing the Treaty of Versailles. This treaty called for joining the League of Nations, a serious isolationist adversary. However, in 1921, President Warren G. Harding, a man who, himself, condemned the United States joining the League of Nations, held the Washington Naval Conference. In this meeting of Asian and European countries, the United States actively participated in three treaties to begin to ease the tension already forming in the Pacific. In 1932, when the League of Nations proposed an economic boycott against Japan for reparation of the occupancy of Manchu ...

The American Revolution
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... The idea of mercantilism where the channelizing of all trade through England, was a restriction upon economic prosperity of the New England colony. The major cause for revolution within the economic theory is of economic subordination of colonies to England. The Grenville Ministry passed a number of acts, but the main act of provocation to the colonists was the stamp act. The stamp act was protested upon the principle of "no taxation without representation". The stamp act was affecting virtually all the colonists, and restricted economic prosperity, thus it was protested by colonists. The Townshend acts were also a factor in the economic theory, Sam Adams ...

Boy Bands
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... aren't as prevalent as the boy bands that followed. 1998 had unleashed a torrent of boy bands on the US, many of whom spent time in Europe to start a cult following. The following is a run down of the Boy Bands that have left their impression in 1998. Unless you've been living under a rock, the Orlando based group, Backstreet Boys reigned supreme as the top Boy Band in 1998. With the top selling album in 1998 behind Titanic, the Backstreet Boys have just released a new album and are planning a second world tour. The band enjoyed 4 top 10 singles in 1998, including "As Long as You Love Me", "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)", "I'll Ne ...

Watergate Scandal
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... White House Special Assistant on Domestic Affairs John Ehrlichman, and President Nixon himself. On April 30, 1973, nearly a year after the burglary and arrest and following a grand jury investigation of the burglary, Nixon accepted the resignation of Haldeman and Ehrlichman and announced the dismissal of Dean U.S. Attorney General Richard Kleindienst resigned as well. The new attorney general, Elliot Richardson, appointed a special prosecutor, Harvard Law School profesor Archibald Cox, to conduct a full-scale investigation of the Watergate break-in. In May of 1973, the Senate Select Committee on Presidential Activities opened hearings, with Senator Sam Ervin of No ...

Invasion Of Normandy
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... Utah beach the infantry took all the German guns almost with out a problem. They loaded the trucks on the shore and only 200 people died. The allies got 23,250 men aboard at Utah. That was a great success for the allies. Omaha beach was a lot harder to get inland. they had two battle ships to work with but the rough water was hard to get in close. When the first wave of attack reaches the beach the infantry is totally disorganized. Gradually the waves of troops get on shore and by the night there is 34,250 men on shore but there was a loss of 1000 men. That was the worst lost of men in all the beaches. Gold beach also went well. The men were organized an ...

The Sixth Sense
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... good acting, and leaves people on the edge of their seats waiting for something to surprise them. These movies, unlike the movie Star Wars: Episode One: The Phantom Menace, are filled with things to keep the audiences attention other than the special effects. They have such things like a plot, good actors, and something else that makes the movie different from the others. Take as an example the movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan, . involves an intricate plot, great acting, and a truly surprising ending. The plot of a movie in today's movie market is normally broadcast to the world through an immense amount of advertising. Whether it is through television com ...

Saving Private Ryan
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... never went to war, and learned of its horrors only through the reports of those who did or the representations of artists, it is easy to keep the nightmare hidden away. Maybe not so easy with the war closest to many of us, Vietnam. Thanks to our disillusionment with it, and the work of journalists like Michael Herr and filmmakers like Oliver Stone and Francis Ford Coppola, Vietnam flickers in and out of our imaginations as a minor piece of hell, a torn-out fragment from a Bosch painting. But World War II, the Good War, the Heroic War, the war that saved the world, is different. Yes, we know it was dreadful, but we don't really want to know: We'd rather cling to th ...

Vincent Van Gogh The Successful Failure
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... her dreams for him of becoming a young art dealer, contrary to his life's ambition of serving his fellow men as a preacher. At age sixteen, Vincent was given a job by his Uncle Vincent at a prosperous art gallery named Goupil's. Young Vincent's main regret in leaving the parsonage was that he would miss the company of his beloved brother, Theo. At age twenty, Vincent fell in love with the big city of London. He moved to London where he continued his career as an art dealer at Goupil's London branch. Coincidentally, Vincent van Gogh also fell in love with a French girl named Ursula. At the age of twenty-one, after much deliberation, he confessed his love to he ...

The Defining Of A Nation
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... for immigrants yesterday and today was and will never be an easy one. It is, instead, a long and difficult challenge that a great many will fail at. The fact that many early immigrants braved an unknown wilderness so they would have the opportunity to make a better life for themselves and their ancestors gives the American people their character, thus giving a definitive character to the actual country. This bravery of early Americans has allowed them to triumph over tremendous odds. The courage of Americans was evident as they triumphed over the most powerful country in the world in order to free themselves from a tyrannical government and gain their ...

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