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Essays on American History

The Tribulations Of Sharecrop Farmers
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... the verge of collapse. To add to the list of utility problems was the usual pools of water which surrounded the structure(Walker 17). Water troubles did not just stop on the outside with the moat, but many homes also had leaky roofs to add to the repair list (Walker pg. 46). Travelers were also able to notice that in the 1930's that doors and windows of farmers homes were rarely screened(Jones 55). The shoddy houses that they lived in could not be helped, but it did not improve there defenses against disease. Being so open to disease by the housing, it was no surprise that various illnesses struck the south with a vengeance. Housing was not the only way that f ...

Jazz 3
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... Masses, which was associated with the Ash-can School, and exhibited watercolors in the Armory Show, which made an overwhelming impact on him. After a visit to Paris in 1928 he introduced a new note into U.S. cubism, basing himself on its synthetic rather than its analytical phase. Using natural forms, particularly forms suggesting the characteristic environment of American life, he rearranged them into flat poster-like patterns with precise outlines and sharply contrasting colors. He later went on to pure abstract patterns, into which he often introduced lettering, suggestions of advertisements, and posters. The zest and dynamism of such works as Swing Landscape r ...

The History Of The Ku Klux Klan
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... what has grown to be the largest and most feared "hate group" in the country. The men decided to make a club to help release the stress of the times. The men were all poor and could not afford to make gowns or great costumes for the group, so they decided to use linens. They wore the linens over their backs and put pillowcases on their heads. They also draped the linens over their horses. The Ku Klux Klan was going to ride for the first time. In the beginning, the men wanted to do nothing more than play pranks on people. However, the people were more frightened than they were cheered up. They soon realized what they could do with these fear tactics. The South ha ...

Kiss The Hype
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... around the world. There is a reason for the extraordinary success of Kiss. It has something to do with their music, but it has more to do with the way they are hyped and packaged. So lets unwrap that package. In 1972, Gene Simmons was a sixth grade school teacher in New York City. With guitarist Paul Stanley, he formed a band called Wicked Lester that played in small clubs and bars around New York. That band quickly failed. "Wicked Lester just wasn't the deadly rock n' roll assault squad they had always wanted" (Kitts 12). But Simmons and Stanley felt they could and would become stars. They invested in some large equipment and decided to start a major rock ...

Radical Reconstruction
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... and Southerners passed laws that restricted political rights of the blacks. The laws contained subtle discrimination; it allowed only males to vote who could pass the literacy test or pay poll taxes in order to vote. Furthermore, the grandfather clause stated that a man was still permitted to vote provided that his father or grandfather had been eligible to do so. It didn't apply to the blacks because blacks didn't have right to vote before the Reconstruction. Then in 1876 election, Hayes won because of the secret compromise set up by the Southern Democrats. The compromise was to make Hayes win the election to withdraw the federal troops, to get the federal money ...

African And Native American Slavery
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... advanced than the Europeans. They also worshipped different and multiple gods and ate different foods. Europeans saw this as barbaric, so they treated them as barbarians. In the beginning Native Americans hadn't the faintest idea of what the Europeans had in mind when they said trade. They figured that when the White Man came and showed all that hospitality they meant it. Of course, they didn't, the Europeans captured the Indians to be used as slaves. They were also slaughtered and raped because of resistance to leave their land. If any Indians refused to leave their land they would be killed. The women were raped for sick and disgusting rea ...

Impact Of The Spanish American War
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... realized that the only way of getting control of its neighbors was by taking it in the most common, human way, which is through war. However, because the memory of the words of some great US presidents was still strong in the nation's mind, the US government could not just start a war for territorial control. By doing so the US risked being labeled as a hypocrite nation, for the US itself used to be a colony. But the politicians, and the business owners did not give up their domination dreams and silently awaited an opportunity. That opportunity finally came when Spain sent troops to Cuba to stop the second Cuban war for independence. The American people sym ...

The Condition Of African Americans In The 1920’s Compared To Amory Blaine
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... Amory is an example of the typical type of person this novel represents. Fitzgerald does not mention African Americans in this novel. However, during the nineteen twenties African Americans were often deprived of a quality education by several means. This is where my argument comes in to play. My thesis is reached by relating African Americans to Amory in order to prove how good he had things and how he still was unappreciative and somewhat selfish. According to the editor of the African American Encyclopedia, Michael W. Williams, “an average black child completed grammar school (eight years) having spent about fifty-eight months in the classroom, while a ...

The Constitution: Discord And Tension In 1850
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... in the new Congress to be based on population. The Virginia Plan provided that there would be two houses of Congress and that in each one representation would be based on population. Like many other ideas that have made history, it was remarkably simple. Why not divide the Congress into two houses? In one house (the Senate) each state, regardless of population, would have the same number of representatives. In the other house (the House of Representatives) each member would represent the same number of people. ‘Quite appropriately this came to be called the Great Compromise. Other major compromises came on slavery and on the control of commerce. The so ...

Digital Block For A Fucntion Generator
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... and sent out as digital signals to other parts of this function generator namely the amplifier module. Also a filter selector circuit is built in after the digital block. The user inputs controlling frequency and symmetry are also built into this control block. Therefore it is clear that the digital block can be divided into 4 distinct blocks, each with its own functionality. These blocks are the control module, counter module, filter control module and 8-bit D/A. The D/A chosen is the DAC0801LCN. It’s specifications can be found in the appendix. The layout of this design is shown below. The interconnections will be discussed later bu ...

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