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Essays on American History

"The World Today Seems To Be Going Crazy": The Unabomber's Manifesto
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... assaults) was not known for sure until 15 years later in 1993, when the Unabomber's anti-technology philosophy became public. The Unabomber's 18 year tirade against technology killed three people and maimed 23 others in a series of 16 attacks dating back to 1978. The Unabomber's targets were universities and airlines (thus the "un" and the "a" in the FBI's code name); proponents of technology. The Unabomber believes that the present industrial-technological society is "narrowing the sphere of human freedom" (Unabomber, 93). The crudeness of the Unabomber's inaugural mail bomb attack was not an indication of what was to come. The Unabomber's devices became more ...

The Two Last Suppers
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... the same subject differ immensely. This difference is strongly evident through the artists contrasting use of colour, light, realism, technique perception and focal point/s. Leonardoís version of the Last Supper was painted El fresco depicting the scene passively without emotion. The work has the supper table horizontal across the lower third and Jesus and his twelve disciples dining behind it, before a backdrop of both man made structure and natural landscape. The artwork is un-cluttered and simple. The lighting is subtle and non-dramatic. Colour is conservative and dull this is partly due to the limited paint available and the technique and decay of fresco paint ...

Pearl Harbor
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... and auxiliaries) were based at this "Gibraltar of the Pacific." All U.S. aircraft carriers were elsewhere. Observing radio silence, it reached a launching point at 6 AM, December 7. At 7:50 AM, the first wave of Japanese planes struck Pearl Harbor, bombarding airfields and battleships moored at the concrete quays. The U.S. totally taken off guard had to defend themselves in pajamas. They used anti-aircraft guns in an attempt to stop the Japanese. A second wave followed. The surprise attack was over before 10 AM. The results were devastating; 18 U.S. ships were hit, and more than 200 aircraft destroyed or damaged. The battleship Arizona was a total wreck; th ...

The Presidencies Of Jefferson And Madison
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... Millerís views on church and state. He made Miller aware of the practices of his predecessors and emphasized the fact that what they were doing was interpreting the constitution loosely, breaking what his party and the constitution stood for. Jefferson would not allow states to dictate religious policy to them because he felt that the constitution did not give him the authority to direct religious polices to his constituents. This article proves that the Jeffersonian Republicans were strict constructionist. The Embargo Act of 1807 was meant not to win a war but to keep peace. The Embargo Act prohibited all United States ships from leaving for foreign ports to expor ...

Martial Arts
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... and doesnít know the movements being done very well. The basis of Tai-Chi Chuan derives from the idea of being constantly round when performing it. If you are attacked on a straight line and you resist on a straight line, the stronger force will win, but if the incoming force is neutralized by circularity, then it becomes easier to defeat your opponent, no matter how strong they might be. Thatís what Tai-Chi is based on, but It takes years of practice to get any good at it and decades to master. Another example of is Koreaís Tae Kwon Do. The main differences between Tai-Chi and Tae Kwon Do is the uniforms and idea of movement. In Tai-Chi you can wear wh ...

America As We Know It Includes A Vast Network Of Representative Governments
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... make laws that were meant for them. This was democracy at its earliest stage in America. Everywhere one goes today in America, there is democracy. Whether a church council, school club or the state general assembly, a representative group is always present. Democracy shapes America. One could view the first democratic group responsible for today's freedom. This was the assembly formed by George Yeardly (p.13). Perhaps, if the Virginia Company had not instructed the governor to establish an assembly, the idea of democracy might not have instilled into the minds of the colonists. Surely, without this first appearance, it is questionable that an idea sup ...

"Speak And You Shall Be Heard"
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... Even though this speech was given in 1963, this still holds a place in our hearts and minds. Through the spoken word you can remember key parts the speaker reflects on and hope that those points are addressed at a future date, or maybe even changed. The tone expressed through Martin Luther King Jr's speeches was not of hatred or resentment, just love for all mankind no matter what color or creed they may be. Martin Luther King Jr. came across as a kind human being, not a person full of anger and violence. In speaking to one another we should have the same tone in speaking as Martin Luther King Jr. in order to be heard. We should watch tha ...

The Cause Of The Great Depression
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... bonds and bank accounts. As the prices continued to rise, some economic analysts began to warn of an impending correction, but they were largely ignored by the leading pundits. Many banks, eager to increase their profits, began speculating dangerously with their investments as well. Finally, in October 1929, the buying craze began to dwindle, and was followed by an even wilder selling craze. On Thursday, October 24, 1929, the bottom began to fall out. Prices dropped precipitously as more and more investors tried to sell their holdings. By the end of the day, the New York Stock Exchange had lost four billion dollars, and it took exchange clerks until five o'cl ...

The Civil War
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... stayed with the Union. These states were called bordering states. The bordering states threatened the Union government by telling them if they would start a war with the seceding states. The bordering states would follow the other seceding states. The states that seceded easily were not only seceding from the Union to keep their slaves, but also to protect their way of life. Because they did not want to change their lifestyles like the North. On February 4, the seceding states met in Montgomery, Alabama. There, they formed the Confederate States of America. They also made Montgomery their capital. They wrote a constitution, chose a legislature, and ...

The Great Depression
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... goods. While the factories were still manufacturing goods, Americans weren't able to afford them and the factories made no money (Drewry and O'connor 559). Another major cause related to farmers. Farmers weren't doing to well because they were producing more crops and farm products than could be sold at high prices. Therefore, they made a very small profit. This insufficient profit wouldn't allow the farmers to purchase new machinery and because of this they couldn't produce goods quick enough (Drewry and O'connor 559). A new plan was created called the installment plan. This plan was established because many Americans didn't have enough money to buy go ...

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