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Essays on Geography

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... led to mixed marriages between the Indians and the Spaniards. From interracial marriages, the different religions from Spain and were introduced to each other. Along with religion both countries were exposed to different foods, languages, dress and customs. has a landscape that can be categorized into five major regions. The coastal strip with a continental shelf, and it has over 300 islands and keys. A mountainous region about where Caracas is located, that includes the western coastal chain. The valleys in this region are semi arid and dry. The Andean Mountain region borders Columbia and contains 's highest mountain peaks. Mount Pico Bolivar is the highe ...

Athens Adn Sparta
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... decided that a change in the political system need to be made, and they chose Solon. Changes were to be made to make Solon gain trust and respect from the people of Athens and turn it into a democracy. He introduced economic and constitutional changes in which all free Athenian men were made magistrates. The jobs of the magistrates were to keep records for the Assembly and account for anything they had done. Solon started a council called the Boule which was set up in order to prepare business for the Assembly. Solon introduced ideas of democracy to Athens, but did not please all the people of Athens. After Solon, Cleisthenes built on the a ...

The Civilization Of Ancient Egypt
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... one possibly modeled on Egyptian hieroglyphs; Egyptian ideas are found in some parts of the Bible; and Greek sciences and, especially, art were originally influenced by Egypt. Finally, archaeology and historical writing have made Egypt a subject of general public interest. The image of Egyptian history moves continually closer to reality as new facts are discovered and new kinds of research--anthropological and other--supplement more traditional archaeological techniques. Egypt's well preserved pyramids and cemeteries on the dry desert, and sturdy stone-built temples, have been studied by archaeologists since the early 19th century, but river-plain town mound ...

The City Of Pompeii
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... flames blazed at several points, their bright glare emphasized by the darkness of night." Roman Architecture is very spectacular and very simuler to Greek Architecture. The Romans like to build temples to dedicate to their gods, Romans also have a lot of art that is included in there architecture. In this research I will talk mostly about their building techniques, and the type of materials they used to construct there buildings, I will also mention some of the more famous buildings that were constructed at Pompeii. The buildings that were built at Pompeii were manly constructed out of a large verity of different types of stones that were found ...

Ancient Greece
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... a temple built to honor the Goddess Athena . The people believed the Gods and Goddess would favor you if you gave them offerings such as gold ,silver ,and the fruit of the harvest .A few of the Gods and Goddess were Zeus king of the gods ,Athena Goddess of wisdom, warfare, and the city , Apollo , god of the sun , light ,truth , music and , prophecy , Hades brother of Zeus and king of the under world and afterlife , and Poseidon, ruler of the seas . All of the gods and goddess lived at Mount Olympus the highest mountain in Greece . The Greeks had many occupations , traders , merchants , architects , philosophers, dramatists , sculptors , doctors , poets , ...

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... it in 1807, the Danish is 1804 and the Dutch in 1814. In 1821, British forts were transferred from private ownership to government control. The Gold Coast became a British colony and the new government was known as the British Colony of Sierra Leone. In 1850, there was movement to establish a constitution. In 1851, an assembly convened to establish a legislative body of 84 members, as a result of mass rioting. In 1853, a Supreme Court was established to maintain justice and to ensure that the citizens would obey the laws of Britain. In 1895, municipal governments were established for the larger towns of; Accra, Cape Coast and Sekondi. In 195 ...

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... is the parliament; it consists of 63 upper house members. They work together with the Bundesrat, which is the Federal Council, to make a strong economical country. is industrialized nation with a mixed free-market economy. Their economy is generally strong and stable. The country is self-sufficient relying little on agriculture. Resources include iron ore, timber, tungsten, and coal. Their exports include of machinery, lumber, textiles, iron, steel, chemicals, and paper products. Tourism is an important industry. The cultural institution and scenic beauty attract millions of people every year. Many of their Tourists come from Italy, Germany, Hungary, Yu ...

The Dust Bowl
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... with hardy grasses that held the fine-grained soil in place in spite of the long recurrent droughts and occasional torrential rains characteristic of the area. A large number of homesteaders settled in the region in the 30 years before World War I, planting wheat and row crops and raising cattle. Both of these land uses left the soil exposed to the danger of erosion by the winds that constantly sweep over the gently rolling land. Beginning in the early 1930s, the region suffered a period of severe droughts, and the soil began to blow away. The organic matter, clay, and silt in the soil were carried great distances by the winds, in some cases darkening the sky a ...

The Pyramids Of Egypt
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... of a larger complex dedicated to the dead. The Egyptians believed that the physical body has a vital spiritual force, which they called ka. If the physical body was properly preserved and the tomb furnished with all the various objects of regular life, the ka could return and continue its life despite the death of the physical body. The Egyptians also had other means of burial practices. Many of the pharaohs were buried in hidden temples. A famous discovery is the one of King Tutankhamen. King Cheops of the Fourth Dynasty chose a plateau in Giza for his pyramid. He followed his father's constructions which was the first real pyramid. The pyramid of ...

The Pyramids Of Egypt
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... where built. The pyramids were built to house the dead pharaoh of that time. Death was seen by the Egyptians as just the beginning of a journey to the other world. In Egyptian society each individual believed that his eternal life was dependant on the continued existence of their king, a belief that made the building of the pyramid a concern of the entire kingdom. Many people would be called to duty to work on the pyramids and many would go at will. It was found that the Egyptian people actually liked working on the pyramids. Many youths would travel down the Nile to work on the pyramids so that they could see the great city of Memphis. Furniture an ...

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