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Essays on Geography

Kruger National Park
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... C (820 F) in summer. Severe water shortages may occur during times of prolonged drought, threatening wildlife survival. Kruger is home to 140 species of mammals, plus 450 bird, 114 reptile, 40 fish, and 33 amphibian species. Among the larger mammals, elephants, hippopotamuses, buffalo, zebras, giraffes, lions, and various kinds of African antelope, such as wildebeests, impalas, kudu, and waterbuck are common. Black and white rhinoceroses were reintroduced successfully after having been wiped out by hunting early in the 20th century. A fence around the perimeter of the park reduces poaching (illegal hunting) of wildlife. It also protects domestic animals outside th ...

Medieval England
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... even from the time of birth. In the villages chronic inbreeding must have produced many children who started life with a built in weakness, either mental or physical. Many would die in childhood, but others who grew into manhood, might drag out a useless existance, dependent on charity for their sustenance. In general, infant mortality was extremely heavy....Once the child was free to crawl about among the unsanitary rushes, with a child's natural instinct to put everything into its mouth, it is a wonder that any survived. Fromt then on disease and accident would provide ample scope for a medical service, which was virtually non-existent. (Tomkeieff 119). ...

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... in Israel. On September 25, Netanyahu (who is the president of Israel) had another opening to a very old tunnel made, so it would be easier for tourists to enter, and exit the tunnel. This upset some Palestinians. They started throwing rocks at Israeli police. The violence grew, and gunfire erupted on both sides. -Junior Scholastic November 1, 1996 On November 10, Israeli soldiers shot, and killed a Palestine protester, and wounded 11 others. The violence was about the expansion of a Jewish settlement called Qiryat Sefer. There were about 200 Palestinians rioting against the expansion. The soldiers tried to stop the protesters without viole ...

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... Probably the most renowned person in the country is the Prime Minister. He is similar to a President. The current Prime Minister is Benjamin Netanyahu. One of his biggest problems right now is to try and negotiate a peach agreement with the arabs. Two of the biggest Ethnic groups, the Arabs and the Jews, have been fighting every since the Jews came to the land in the early 20th century. The Jews want Peace and the Arabs wanna kick the Jews out. One of the Biggest debates is over the Mosque in Jerusalem. The Mosque is located right by the Whaling Wall, which is the remnants of an ancient Jewish Temple. They are both major parts of each religion so they ...

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... most heavily fortified military site on the West Coast. Together with Fort Point and Lime Point, formed a "triangle of defense" designed to protect the entrance to the bay. The island was also the site of the first operational lighthouse on the West Coast of the United States. By the late 1850's, the first military prisoners were being housed on the island. While the defensive necessity of diminished over time (the island never fired its guns in battle), its role as a prison would continue for more than 100 years. In 1909, the Army tore down the Citadel, leaving its basement level to serve as the foundation for a new military prison. From 1909 through 1911, the mi ...

Saudi Arabia
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... introduction of Islam to the Arabian heartland in the seventh century A.D. further strengthened the region's cultural heritage. Within a century, Islam spread west to the Atlantic Ocean and as far east as the Indian subcontinent and China. With Makkah as its core, the Islamic world witnessed a flowering of culture, the sciences and the arts unparalleled in human history. Every year for the past fourteen centuries, Muslim pilgrims from around the world have traveled to Islam's holiest sites in Makkah and Madinah, helping further enrich the culture of the people of the peninsula. With the formation of the modern Kingdom of in 1932, King Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul R ...

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... by way of the Irish Sea. Ireland is actually a detached fragment from the European Mainland. Most of the country is 500 ft. above sea level. The surface of the country is covered by glacial drift from the Pleistocene ice age. This period left eskers, or long gavel ridges, and drumlins or small hills that were left behind by the glaciers. You can find the start of this belt in the west of the country by Clew Bay. It continues across the country. In the south of Ireland, there is a series of parallel ridges of Devonian sandstone. The ridges rise in elevation westward and lead up to Carrantuohill, the largest mountain in the country. The famous lakes of Killa ...

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... which are very useful for todayís society. Some of them are petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, phosphates, manganese, limestone, gypsum, talc, lead and zinc. However, has many dangerous natural hazards. Period droughts, frequent earthquakes, flash floods, landslides, and volcanic activity are just some of these natural hazards. has a population of almost 67,274,000 people. Most of ís population is made up of the age group from 15 years of age to 64 years of age. In this age group, about 20,604,000 are males and 20,211,000 are females. This age group makes up 61% of the total population of . ís population rises slightly with a 1.82% population growth rate. ...

The Green Revolution In Asia
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... of China................................................11 Map of India ...............................................12 Figure #1: The Rice Plant...................................13 Figure #2: A Field in the Philippines ......................14 Figure #3: Deepwater Rice in Thailand ......................15 Figure P0: Effects of Hoppers ..............................16 Figure P1: Habitat of Brown Hopper .........................17 Figure P2: Wolf Spider......................................18 Figure P3: Black Bug .......................................19 Figure #4: Irrigate ...

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... by train. They rode on cattle cars for up to three days at a time, with no bathroom, sometimes cramming up to 75 men, women, and children in at a time. The little ones and the weak ones had to be careful when they opened the doors because of the rush of the people getting off, they would often be trampled. When they reach the train station Soribor Station. They were hurried along so fast that they never realized that the station was fake and was just connected round to deportation centers. The hands on the clock did not move, and the timesheet arrivals were fake also. When they first arrived at , the victims were checked in and given an I.D. number. The I.D. numb ...

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