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Essays on Geography

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... in slaves. In 1820, the first colonists arrived. Their successful settlement was named Monrovia in 1824. More colonists gradually arrived and established separate colonies. In 1847 the colonies united and Liberia became the first independent republic in black Africa. The new nation faced many problems. Some of them were tribal wars, low exports, and land claimed by other countries. Liberia was able to maintain its independence only with the help of the United States. Following World War II, the modern port, airport, hospitals, hydroelectric station, and other projects, all financed by the United States, were opened. There has been frequent military confl ...

Zambezi Valley
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... the darkest of Africa of which you have read in so many adventure novels. Traveling is a very stimulating hobby, but Africa is part of me. Darkness overcame all as Mother Earth turned her back on the center of our solar system. In the heart of Africa everything is sleeping, or so you are meant to think. The ruler of that kingdom is patrolling his territory in absolute silence. His bushy black mane casts a shadow in the pale moonlight. Eyes like those of an eagle penetrate the darkest shadows of the bush. The soft gray pads of his paws tread along the game path barely leaving any evidence of his presence. The great beast strides graciously along before disappearin ...

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... of the great plains through the southwestern United States. The highest point in all of Mexico is Mount Onzaba (Citlaltepetl). It is 18,707 feet above sea level. Mexico's lowest point is near Mexicali. This area near Mexicali is thirty-three feet below sea level. The capital of Mexico is Mexico City. The metropolitan area of Mexico City is home to about 14,987,051 people of Mexico's total population of about 93,670,000, according to a 1990 census. Although most of Mexico's population is from Mexico City, which is the biggest city in the world, Mexico's other cities include Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Puebla. Most of Mexico's population lives in ur ...

Comparison Of Mexico And The United States
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... designed to check and balance each other, all interrelated and overlapping, yet each quite distinct. (Adrian, 1978). In Mexico, supreme executive authority is vested in the president, who is elected to serve one six-year term; a bit longer than a U.S. president who is elected to serve a four-year term.. The Mexican president's power of appointment extends to the members of his cabinet and the attorney general, and to the territorial and federal district governors, diplomatic officials, the higher officers of the army, and ministers of the higher courts of justice. Unlike in the United States, as the leader of the dominant political party, the Mexican president ...

The Philippines And The United States
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... and 114 televisions per 1,000 population. The Philippines exports manufactured goods, clothing and lumber while they import petroleum products, machinery, and raw materials. Also in the Philippines, there are a lot of young people compared to the United States. 42% of the population is under 15. At the Philippines, females live to an average of 65.5 years old while the men live to an average of 61.8 years old. The United States is a hole different place in many ways. The population of the united states is around 248.7 Million. The United States Exports Machinery, food(Miscellaneous), and Chemicals. And they import Petroleum, petroleum products, and motor ve ...

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... Egypt is very similar to ancient Atlantean architecture, which is strong proof that Egypt was a colony. Mexico and Peru are also supposed Atlantean colonies. The Peruvian numerical system is very similar to Atlantean numerals. Mexico has a culture very similar to that of the people of . is closely related to a multitude of islands, peninsulas, and even continents. Plato believed that Thira, Crete, and the Canary Islands all used to be parts of . Scientists even believe that the island of Thera might possibly be . It was also said that was closely linked to the Americas and the Scandinavian Peninsula. Because of its size, was said to be a land bridge betw ...

The Future Of The City Of Miami
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... Building a city is building a future. Hernandez , who submitted drawings for the Brickell Bridge, which is located in downtown Miami, is a firm believer in this philosophy. Though his exact plans for the bridge were not used in its construction, he did see his plans as a start for the city. The point he stressed most frequently was using structures of buildings to tell stories of the city's history. This means designing noticeable objects on buildings that relate to the city. Although Hernandez argued his points distinctly, Wilson totally disagreed. Wilson said cities revolve around racism, and how can we look toward the future if we have no idea of where ...

Panama: Plenty Of Fish
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... of four people per house. If there aren't enough beds, they sleep under the beds or hang hammocks over the beds. Farmers live in one story houses with thatched roofs, walls of bamboo or dried sugarcane, dirt floors, and bamboo ceilings in the rural lands. The people are poor, own little furniture, sleep on wooden cots, and sometimes use boxes or tree stumps as tables or chairs. In urban areas, they live in wood or concrete houses with roofs of clay tiles or corrugated iron. They wear loose clothing for the tropical weather. They also have the Tocumen Airport, Panama Railroad, and Cristobal Port, along with three universities. COLONIZED Panama's first ...

The Australian Outback
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... but clutter the mind. The economic situation is very poor. Education plays a major role in their economics; their is not a great deal of money coming to the town so education is usually one to two years behind the United States. The natives of Alice Springs are different from normal Americans. Their attitude is things will get done when they get done and there is no rush. Some would say that reminds them of an old southern style person. They make visitors feel welcome and treat them as if you were one of them. One of the biggest differences between most Americans and people form the Outback is they tend to not judge people. They accept people for what t ...

The Enigma Of Atlantis
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... events in history, have you ever heard of passing it on from generation to generation? Have gods ever laid before such cruel punishment on any civilization like Plato claims was laid on Atlantis? To say that there was terrible heat, then tidal waves, and earthquakes during a twenty four hour period of time is unheard of. Atlantis is just an island of the Greek Myths and that's all the island of Atlantis is a myth. The idea that an island almost half the Atlantic Ocean away (Thera) could be Atlantis is insane. According to what Plato said the island Thera was supposed to be west of the pillars of Hercules, (the pillars of Hercules is the name the Greeks gave ...

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