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... God existed had no relevance in his goal. Proclamation of the death of God was a fundamental ingredient in the revaluation of values Nietzsche advocated. "Nothing has done more than Christianity to entrench the morality of mediocrity in human consciousness." "Christian love extols qualities of weakness; it causes guilt. Charity is just teaching hatred and revenge directed toward nobility." "Belief in God is a tool to bring submission to the individual of noble character." -- F. Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Hero Morality Nietzsche had an ideal world in mind, with an ideal government and an ideal God: the "Overman" o ...

Meat Packing Industry And The
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... yards of Chicago, Illinois (Upton). The novel also included gruesome descriptions of food production: Tuburculer beef, the grinding up of poisoned rats, and even workers falling into vats and emerging as Durham's pure leaf lard (Upton). Upton's book is based on true events of a family that moves to America in search of a better life. While they are there they looked for work in Chicago and came across meatpacking. Unsanitary techniques that were put into the massive machines were literally disgusting. As before poisoned rats and workers turning into lard was an everyday thing that the workplace encountered. More disgusting things like using whole cows as ground ...

Birth Order
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... the middle, and the youngest. Each has its own set of advantages, as well as its own set of disadvantages (Leman, 10). First born children tend to be high achievers in whatever they do. Some traits customarily used to label first born children include reliable, conscientious, list maker, well organized (Leman, 11), more oriented toward authority and responsibility (Moore and Cox 19), and tough-minded (Stephens 356). The first born child is typically the success story in the family. They are the ones that are driven to succeed in high achievement fields such as science, medicine, and law (Leman, 13). For example, of the first twenty-three astronauts sent i ...

Customers For Life By Carl Sew
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... and again. Do not try and guess what the customers want, just ask them. They are more than willing to tell you. You should make it easy for the customer to tell you what they want by giving them a short questionnaire. Most importantly, you do not want to pester the customer; if you bother the customer, they are not going to be happy. 2 Systems, not smiles. Saying please and thank you does not ensure you’ll do the job right the first time, every time. Only systems guarantee that. There are two major components of a system. The first being to do the job right the first time and the second one is having a plan in place to deal with things when they go wro ...

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
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... factors and environmental influences and cognitive processes. It has been fond that OCD affects 1 to 2 % of the population in Malaysia and the United States. It cuts across all ethnic groups and effects both males and females. The onset of OCD is earlier in males i.e. between 6 to 15 years of age while the disorder affects females in the age range of 20 to 29. ¡§ Bob saw his psychiatrist for treatment of depression for six months before he finally had the courage to bring up his other ¡¥secret¡¦ problem. Since childhood he had a compulsion to count things. He had to count the letters in words and in people¡¦s names. If the letters added up to any number except 9, ...

A Thermodynamic Reading Of The Crying Of Lot 49 By Thomas Py
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... as governing the direction of all physical changes taking place in the universe. With time, the energy within a system will inevitably tend to become distributed in the most probable pattern, which consists of all the individual particles of the system engaging in random, disordered motion" (OED). Thermodynamic entropy is the measure of this disorganization in the universe. In a closed, isolated system, the total quantity of energy remains the same, but irreversible transformations within this system cause a loss in the grade of the energy. In The Crying of Lot 49, Oedipa Maas realizes “her confinement" is similar to the closed system in which entropy t ...

3rd World Essay
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... October 27, 1931 (Speace 1,3). She has been married three times and is now living with her present husband Sherif Hetata, who is also the translator of this book (Speace 1). When Saadawi was younger, she refused to accept the limitations imposed by both religion and colonial oppression on most women of rural origin. She qualified as a medical doctor in 1955 and rose to become Egypt's Director of Public Health in 1958 (Speace 1). Since she began to write over twenty-five years ago, her books have concentrated on women (Hafez 450-451). In 1972, her first non-fiction book, Woman and Sex, evoked the antagonism of highly placed political and theological authorities ...

Waiting At The Funeral Party
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... mourner is thinking. No one is ever consistent in what they are thinking. In the situation of a funeral there are four main thoughts (among others) that cross the minds of those in attendance. First they think, “Why did this happen?” Then they think, ”How quickly will it be my turn?” Soon they start to remember the good times. Then their minds will wonder to things they have to do later. What they think and where they start is often determined by the relationship they had with the deceased. The question of why is most often the first, if not the only question to the minds of close friends and relatives. These friends and famil ...

The Issue Of Block Scheduling In Schools
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... of 45 minutes. That is the length of a normal class period. By implementing a block schedule there are now 90 minutes of class instead of the old 45. If students only have a 45-minute attention span and there is 90 minutes of class, then really the additional 45 minutes of time is actually being wasted. Another problem with 90-minute classes is that students are less likely to remember the same amount as they would in a regular class time. As humans we tend to remember the things we do first (primacy) and the things we to last (regency). The time in the middles is sag time and is remembered at a much lower percentage. So basically you start our rememberin ...

Freud And Dreams
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... "royal road" to the unconscious, and it is his theory of dreams that has best stood the test of time over a period of more than seventy years (Many of Freud's other theories have been disputed in recent years). Freud reportedly admired Aristotle's assertion that dreaming is the activity of the mind during sleep (Fine, 1973). It was perhaps the use of the term activity that Freud most appreciated in this brief definition for, as his understanding of the dynamics of dreaming increased, so did the impression of ceaseless mental activity differing in quality from that of ordinary waking life (Fine, 1973). In fact, the quality of mental activity during sleep differed so ...

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