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Internet Gambling
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... For example, in football, if they can get two people to bet on opposing sides, then their technically not gambling. The companies would only take 2.5% of the action. They would act as a middle man of sorts. On the security side, one company has started making personal card readers that they send to your house and you hook it up to your computer. The only reason gambling laws exist are so politicians and government officials can make more money. It's all about power and control. Many people still fear gambling on the Internet because of safety issues. They fear a hacker might break in and just keep letting himself win. Companies fear the Internet because they mi ...

Aids 2
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... apparently healthy adults who were suddenly getting sick with rare infections and malignancies that healthy people should not get. Most were from New York City, California, Florida and Texas, and not all were homosexual men. Men and women who used intravenous drugs were also getting sick, as were men with hemophilia, the male and female sexual partners of people in these risk groups, immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean, and some of the infant children born to women at risk. All these varied people had one thing in common: almost absent levels of the white blood cells called T helper cells that keep the immune system functioning properly. Their defective im ...

Resident Physician Stress And
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... supervised by the attending physician. As during medical school, residents must learn to manage enormous amounts of information, new research, treatment protocols and processes of medical practice. This requires a great deal of study-time, as well as time in lecture, discussion groups, and journal clubs in order to learn their specialties. An additional demand occurs in residency. Residents become teachers for peers, attending physicians, and medical students. The reasoning is that teaching often educates the teacher better than books or lectures. In many programs, residents provide substantial portions of medical student education during student's clinical yea ...

Clemencia Novela En Espanol
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... emocion, “una historia de amor y de desgracia”(4). Y comienza a relatar una historia que acontecio a fines del ano 1863, “ano desgraciado en que...ocupo el ejercito frances a Mexico”(4). Al llamarlo un “ano desgraciado”, es evidente que el siente una emocion negativa sobre ese conflicto y a la vez crea en la novela un sentimiento pesimista hacia los invasores extranjeros y lo que estos hicieron en Mexico en esa epoca. El narrador exalta un gran sentimiento de carino hacia Mexico por medio de su decripcion de ciudades Mexicanas, su gente, su geografia, su flora; “Guadalajara, que justo titulo puede llamarse la rein ...

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... and other information-age workers can benefit from (people who work at home). This is not to say that all work would be completed at home. There will be times when actual face to face meetings will be necessary for such problems as office disputes and responding to co-workers needs. Working at home will allow for any task in which being alone is not a hindrance. Throughout the United States there are over eleven million people working at home at least part-time. In cities such as New York, federal legislation put into effect required a decrease in the amount to commuters that drive the city’s streets during rush hour. Forced to make change ...

The Legalization Of Marijuana
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... arrests in 1996, and 800,000 in 1998-four out of five arrests being for possession alone. Under federal and state laws, many of which were strengthened in the 1980’s, people convicted of marijuana offenses face penalties ranging from probation to life imprisonment, plus fines and forfeiture of property. In addition to criminal justice efforts, the federal government, state government, and local communities spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually on prevention programs such as Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE), in which local police officers visit schools to teach young people to refrain from trying marijuana and other drugs. However, publi ...

Druigs And Sports
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... related drugs that stimulate the central nervous system and promote a feeling of alertness and an increase in speech and general physical activity. Some people take these drugs under medical supervision to control their appetite, but many of these drugs are used at parties to "get high." Overuse and abuse have been associated with all of the stimulant drugs, but risks are the greatest with the amphetamines and cocaine. Narcotics are drugs that relieve pain and often induce sleep. Narcotics include opium and drugs derived from opium, such as morphine, codeine, and heroin. Narcotics also include certain synthetic chemicals that have a morphin ...

Offensive And Defensive Strategies
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... efficiency. This specialization allows an organization to do whatever it does extremely well, perhaps even better than other organizations. Used mostly by small organizations, it reduces the amount of resources required and as such is a low risk strategy. However, it ties up all of the firm's resources on a single product, service, or product line. The firm's success and growth is dependent entirely on that particular product with nothing to fall back on were that product to fail. Also, coupled with the facts that this strategy limits an organization's growth and opportunities, it can be considered a high-risk strategy as well. E.g. a company deciding to specializ ...

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... a movie, or a sci fi flick, it is now a real danger to the United States. This new technology is being called Cyber Terrorism, and is used by a variety of people. Many radical Rebel groups, and other terrorist groups are using the World Wide Web to preach propaganda, and some U.S. officials believe they are also sending encrypted e-mails detailing when there next attack will be. The Columbian Rebel Group ELN is one of the many terrorist groups known to have a web page on the Internet. The ELN is known mainly for blowing up oil rigs in South America, and for kidnaping foreign executives. Most groups like the ELN uses the Internet to simply tell other's around ...

Bamn By All Means Neccessary
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... All Means Necessary) is the book that shows some of the events happened in the history of the United States of America. In this book, there were different ethnic or other groups protesting for their desire freedom and rights. The groups that will be discussed in this report are Yippies and "No More Miss America". The author of "No More Miss America" didn't want the Beauty Pageant, and that's okay because she gave ten points and after all it's her opinion. On the other hand, Yippies wants the freedom of doing nothing. That's a big difference. The difference is that the world could live without having beauty contests but it can't live without people doing nothing ...

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